Gallery Guidelines

  • All artwork must be ready to hang and/or display.
  • Artists are allowed to use the assortment of hanging supplies and tools provided by Yuba Sutter Arts. Any additional hanging supplies and tools must be provided by the artist.
  • Artists must hang artwork using changes, ropes and/or hooks attached to the top rail of the south and east walls of the gallery. Only under special circumstances will artists be allowed to create holes, or otherwise mar walls, to hang their work.
  • The west wall of the YSA Gallery does not provide a top rail to display framed work. Artists may hang their work according to the “special circumstances” clause described above.
  • YSA will offer help with installation. If artists choose to install their exhibit by themselves, arrangements must be made with the YSA staff for permission to be inside the YSA facilities after office hours. All installation plans must be approved by the Executive Director of YSA.
  • YSA will offer printing of wall labels. With approval, artists may design and provide their own wall labels.
  • Artists are responsible for all de-installation of the exhibit. This includes returning hanging materials borrowed from YSA, patching holes or mars on the YSA gallery walls and touching up wall paint.

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