Jump StArts – Arts in Education Program

For at-risk and incarcerated youth in our schools

We are currently in talks to work with Carden to bring in Artists in Fall 2023! We will update as we go!

Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture (YSAC) in conjunction with our partners in the educational and juvenile justice systems will continue an arts education program begun during the 2019 school year. It is a multi-disciplinary approach offering programs and classes inside four brick and mortar Yuba County facilities and schools and two Sutter County campuses. In addition, special events will again be hosted by YSAC at its various facilities and on other occasions the students will participate in community art events. The art forms being taught and guided are music (guitar and African drum and dance), visual 2-D art including mural painting, poetry, and storytelling.  

Our partners from YCOE, SCOE and Juvenile Hall have been and will continue to be involved and guide curriculum development based on the needs of each institution. Each facility presents unique challenges and opportunities. Classroom sessions will be tailored to those specific students to ensure maximum participation and engagement.  

There are six facilities involved in the program. In Yuba County, where the curriculum is driven by the YCOE, schools include the Carden Court School, the umbrella organization for [1-3] (1) Juvenile Hall and (2) Camp Singer (different levels of incarceration), (3) TE Mathews School (4) South Lindhurst Continuation High School, a facility that helps credit-deficient students complete their high school education and (5) Edward P. Duplex Continuation High School, an alternative to traditional classroom environments which includes Independent Study students. In Sutter County, our programs will be held at (6) Feather River Academy, an Alternative Education program operated by SCOE and (7) Albert Powell High School, the continuation school for Yuba City Joint Unified School District.   

The project is designed by YCOE in conjunction with the Carden Juvenile Justice Team and staff from the other facilities. Modular elements will be introduced to students in each of the very different environments, reaching all students and delivering a sense of accomplishment. We will offer a 24-week overall program within each of the artistic disciplines broken down into four six-week sessions at each facility. Each class will meet for two one-hour sessions each week.  

The six-week sessions are intended to create bite-size learning opportunities as recommended by our partner organizations. Due to the transitory nature of students at some of the facilities, we will work to increase our reach and extend programs by catching students before they term out of any institution. We will reach them before they return to traditional classrooms or, in the case of some juvenile hall students, before returning to their families. 

Madelyne Templeton (Mural Artist)

To see a class in action watch the YouTube video below of Yuba-Sutter Poet Laureate and Internationally-acclaimed Poet, Marcelo Hernandez Castillo!