Annual 48 Hour Film Festival – 2023 Line-up!

Synopsis – The festival will bring together filmmakers/directors who will create a script based on a subject chosen at random at the kickoff event and then will have 48 hours to complete their four to six-minute film.  

Local filmmakers have once again risen to the challenge of making a short film in just 48 hours. The second Annual Yuba-Sutter Flash Film Festival welcomed back some veteran filmmakers as well as some newcomers to this year’s event. Now it’s time to get everyone together and see what the teams created. During a random drawing, each team drew a theme, along with an object and a line of dialogue from a famous film that had to be incorporated into the film. Each film also had to comply with a time limit of 4-6 minutes. 

Themes this year were:

Objects this year were:

Quotes this year were:

  • Night of Terror 
  • A Dark & Stormy Night 
  • Your Worst Nightmare 
  • Dog Days of Summer 
  • Falling Through Time 
  • Love Makes The World Go Round 
  • A Day In The Life of an Influencer 
  • All The World Is A Stage 
  • A Fairytale Ending 
  • There’s One Born Every Minute 
  • Journey In Time 
  • Once In A Blue Moon 
  • Fire & Ice 
  • It’s A Trap 
  • Quit Bugging Me 
  • Castle In The Sky 
  • Sugar Cubes 
  • Cowboy Hat 
  • Rubber Chicken 
  • Bathtub 
  • Ping Pong Paddle 
  • Corkscrew 
  • Pizza Box 
  • Lighter 
  • Egg 
  • Vinyl Record 
  • Tea Pot 
  • Rake 
  • Pair of Red Shoes 
  • Mittens 
  • Box of Orange Jello 
  • Red Candle Stick 
  • Covid Test Kit 
  • Tube of Pink Lip Stick 
  • Toothbrush 
  • Umbrella 
  • If you‘re not with me, then you’re my enemy – Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith 
  • As if you could outrun me!  As if you could fight me off!  Twlight 
  • You’re killin’ me Smalls.  The Sandlot 
  • I feel the need – the need for speed.  Top Gun 
  • Get in loser.  We’re going shopping.  Mean Girls 
  • Nobody puts Baby in a corner.  Dirty Dancing 
  • He can’t see without his glasses!  My Girl 
  • You sit on a throne of lies.  Elf 
  • Hasta la vista baby!  Terminator 2 
  • No wire hangers ever!  Mommy Dearest 
  • I am serious.  And don’t call me Shirley.  Airplane 
  • I see you shiver with anticipation.  Rocky Horror Picture Show (RHPS)
  • You’ll shoot your eye out kid.  A Christmas Story 
  • Keep the change you filthy animal.  Home Alone 

1st Place Winner: “Harper Marie” – Directors Bethany Graham-Harris & Shon Harris

Theme: A Day in the Life of an Influencer; Object: Egg; Quote: “I see you shiver with antici…pation.” RHPS.

2nd Place Winner: “Your Dreams Now in Color” by Directors Nathan Schemel & the Yuba College Crew

Theme: All the World is a Stage; Object: Covid-19 Test Kit; Quote: “If you aren’t with me, you’re my enemy.” Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

3rd Place Winner: “Nightmare” by Directors Marti Brown and Sonja Skvarla

Theme: Your Worst Nightmare; Object: Vinyl Record; Quote: “Get in Loser. We’re going shopping.” Mean Girls.

Not Judged: “The Chicken King” by Director Arshya Abedi

Theme: It’s a Trap!; Object: Rubber Chicken; Quote: “As if you could outrun me! As if you could fight me off!” Twilight.

Honorable Mention: “Horla” by Director Kevin Belcastro

Theme: Night of Terror; Object: Box of Orange Jello; Quote: “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” Dirty Dancing.

Honorable Mention: “Ride by Me” by Director Madison McGrath

Theme: A Fairytale Ending; Object: Bathtub; Quote: “Keep the change! You filthy animal!” Home Alone.