Mural Marathon Coming to Yuba City

Call to Artists for Submissions Is Now Open

So what is a Mural Marathon anyway?  In the case of the Yuba City Mural Marathon, it’s a competitive mural painting event with a set timeline. Think of it as public art as a spectator sport. The Yuba-Sutter Rotary Night Club is in search of five professional mural artists who will each create a 21’x21’ mural in just 48 hours on the south side of the Sutter Theater Center for the Arts.

All five murals will be painted on the same wall along Church Street which has five distinct framed sections, one of which will be assigned to each artist. The project is being funded by a grant from the Upstate California Creative Corps (UCCC). The project is being done in collaboration with the Yuba Sutter Rotary Night Club, the Blue Zones Project, the Partnership for Health, Equity and Inclusion, and Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture.

The Mural Marathon is part of a larger event that includes an adjacent art and health Festival to bring awareness to the four UCCC program goals. Artists must incorporate one or more of the following themes into their designs. 

  • Public health awareness messages, such as mitigating the spread of COVID-19
  • Public awareness of environment-related issues, such as water and energy conservation, climate mitigation, and emergency preparedness, relief, and recovery
  • Civic engagement, such as election participation
  • Social justice and community engagement

The start time for the Mural Marathon is 4 pm on Friday, April 19, and “brushes (or spray cans) down” will be at 4 pm on Sunday, April 21.  Winners will be announced between 5 and 5:30 pm on the 21st. Artists chosen to participate will each receive $5,000. Once completed, judges will award additional prize money. The first-place winner will receive an additional $3,000, second-place – $2,500, and third-place – $1,500.  Interested artists should go to to review the full Call to Artists details and Entry Form or write to: