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How do I make my profile page visible?

While you are logged in to your account, visit your account page. (You can reach your account page from the Community menu.) Click the Lock icon on the left side of the page, then choose “Everyone” from the “Profile Privacy” heading and click the Update Privacy button.

My profile doesn’t show up in the Member or Artist Directory.

When you are first registered for a member or artist account, by default, your account is hidden from public view. To make it visible, visit your account page, click the Lock icon on the left, then¬†choose “No” under “Hide my profile from public view” and click the “Update Privacy” button.

What kind of Directories are available?

If you registered for a general membership, your profile card will be in the Membership Directory. If you registered as an Artist, it will also show up in the Artist Directory and you will have additional options on your Profile Page.