Cotton Rosser – King of Cowboys

Cotton Rosser is known as the King of the Cowboys. He is legendary in the professional rodeo world and was inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1995. Cotton is equally legendary here in his hometown as an entrepreneur and owner of the Flying U Rodeo, one of the most successful stock contracting firms in professional rodeo, as well as Cotton’s Cowboy Corral western wear store in Marysville.

The time is long overdue to commemorate this hometown hero in a big way. The Cotton Rosser Bronze Statue Project was formed this year to do just that. The plan is to create a one and a quarter times life-size bronze statue of Cotton on horseback doffing his hat to an admiring crowd as he enters the rodeo ring. That is about seven tons of patinated bronze sitting a top of concrete and brick base. The statue will be placed in Plaza Park on First Street in Marysville just to the right of the Silver Dollar Saloon and Bok Kai Temple where Cotton can look over the cattle each year in perpetuity.

Head to the Cotton Rosser Project Page to find out more and see how you can help!